Volunteer Requirements

PHA 002
In order to be an NENC MRC Volunteer Responder, you must:
  • Be at least 18 year of age OR affiliated with a High School Strike Team
  • Complete the Application Process
  • Complete Required Training
  • Participate in at least two activities per calendar year through the NENC MRC, including training, exercises, community outreach or emergency response

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Application Process

App Processing
  1. Complete the NENC MRC Interest Form

    • Fill in the Interest Form online.
    • Alternatively, you may scan/email, fax, or mail the printable Interest Form.

  2. Review the Volunteer Responder Manual
    The NENC MRC Volunteer Responder Manual will tell you more about the NENC MRC and your role as a volunteer.

  3. Phone Contact Interview/Process Review
    Once we receive your Interest Form, an MRC staff member will contact you to discuss your interest as a volunteer responder and talk with you more about the NENC MRC.

  4. Register with ServNC.org Application
    ServNC.org is the online registration system for medical and health responders for the State of North Carolina. ServNC provides a way to check credentials, keep track of training, and communicate with volunteers.

    • After talking with the MRC staff, register online as a volunteer through ServNC by going to https://www.servnc.org
    • Be sure to select "I would like to join" next to Northeast North Carolina MRC in your Unit Affiliations.

  5. Complete MRC Waivers
    Submit the following waivers to MRC staff or fill them out at the NENC MRC orientation session.

    • Statement of Confidentiality
    • Acknowledgement Form
    • Informed Consent, Waiver, and Release Agreement
    • Rules of Engagement/Code of Conduct