MRC Responder Interest Form

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the NENC MRC staff.

Don’t forget to visit ServNC (North Carolina State Registry of Volunteers) to fill out your full application.

If you prefer to complete a paper copy of the NENC MRC Interest Form please click below.

 After completing the paper responder interest form
please mail to:

PO Box 189
Elizabeth City, NC 27907
or Fax: 252-337-7922

or simply complete the following online responder interest form and press submit.

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The NENC MRC needs all types of volunteers, not just medical volunteers. Please note any special skills that you may have (example: physician, electrician, plumber, health educator, carpenter, etc.)


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Privacy Act Statement: This information is requested by the Northeast North Carolina Medical Reserve Corps and is for the purpose of organizing responders and staff to respond to public health emergencies. It will not be utilized or released for any other purpose without your express written permission unless required by law and all information will be kept in a secure manner.